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Question What are the advantages of using Orange County Construction over other construction companies?
Answer Orange County Construction is privately owned by a life long OC resident. Keith Daigneault chooses to operate his company with a personal approach. He will be the one that comes to your home for your free estimate. He will share with you over 40 years of construction knowledged to help you get the best design and best price for your room addition or home remodel project. You will never have to deal with any high pressure salesmen or on site job foreman that don't know what they are doing.
Question Should I start with an Architect or go straight to a Contractor for my home design and price?

Answer This is a very important question. Many homeowners make a huge mistake in their decision making for several reasons. The best "short" answer is to hire a design-build contractor. This way the plans are included in the price and most legitimate contractors will offer you a firm price in writing, up front, if they know what they are doing. The main reason NOT to hire a separate home designer and contractor is that when there are problems with the project or plans, it is you that will have to go back, have meetings, revise plans, back to the city for approval, print all new plans and get the job started again.

Orange County Construction is a full design/build company that can handle all this for you for one price!

Question What is a Design-Build Contractor & Why do I need one?

Answer If you could fully understand what a design/build contractor is, you might never hire another contractor again that is not a design build contractor. There are two ways to start your project (Design-Build) or (Design-Bid) Here is the short answer that will make sense to you:

DESIGN-BUILD -- A design build contractor will offer you a price in writing "Before" you invest into plans and this price will include both the design and the build. Only a seasoned contractor can do this. Most contractors want a set of plans before bidding a large job, but not a good design build contractor.

DESIGN-BID -- This is when you go out and pay a home designer or architect for a full set of plans and then put it out for bid. This is a great way to get into a lot of trouble. Let me explain... Many times a homeowner will trust an architect in telling the their budget (say $100,000.00) and the architect will say "No problem, you can build this addition for that, no problem!" When in fact they have no idea how much it will cost. Then when you go for bids they come back at $150,000.00 and you either have to scrap the project or pay the architect for a whole new set of plans!

DESIGN BUILD = Orange County Construction Company (714) 231-9773 We can help you!

Question What's up with these $99. per square foot room addition offers?
Answer If you read the entire advertisement and all the fine print you will quickly see that the price is going to double after you get that contractor in your home for an estimate. They never include everything such as the (home plans, demolition, dump fees, plumbing, flooring, cabinets, service relocations and upgrades and much more). Don't be fooled by such offers and let us give you a real estimate, in writing and guaranteed.
Question How much does a room addition cost per square foot?
Answer Most room additions in Orange County, CA can cost around $125.00 to $200.00 per sq. ft. There are many factors that can change this such as if you are building a second story addition and the cost is $125. sq. ft., then you have to also factor in the amount of structural retrofitting that is needed to stack that home addition on your existing house. That cost might be another $30. sq. ft. making your new total $155. sq. ft. Then adding in the city fees and inspection fees you will start to get a real total.
Question Does your company offer any discounts?

Answer The only time most companies will offer a discount on home remodeling is when they are charging you too much up front anyway. No one works for free, we all know this. Many salesmen will use this trick when they come to your house and offer you a job for one price... only to lower the price after you don't jump on the first offer. Orange County Construction will offer you a very fair, all inclusive price in writing with no "bait-n-switch" nasty sales techniques. This I promise!

Now having said that, we will try to beat any legitimate price that is detailed and in writing. We want to help you.

Question Why can the same Home Addition cost more in one city than another?
Answer Yes, and this is because different cities can have different regulations that we have to implement. This should not change the price a lot, but many contractors will try and charge a lot more for working in Newport Beach or Huntington Beach than they would in the more inland cities such as Garden Grove or Cypress. The city permit fees also vary from city to city.
Question My Architect screwed me! He said that my addition could be done for my budget! He was way off!

Answer This is because architects are not builders and they might tell you or agree with you about a budget only to land the project with you. Then when you put it out to bid you find out that you can't build it for that budget. That is doing it backwards and it's call DESIGN-BID

This is why you hire a "design-build" contractor. We will design it, give you a detailed contract in writing and go over everything with you before you sign anything. This way you don't waste money on doing construction blueprints only to find that you over designed.

Question Will I get my money back when I sell my home?
Answer This is a question that we get often. The answer could be YES and NO. If you are planning a larger addition and then want to sell in the next year or so, then the answer is no. But if you are adding onto a smaller home and there are many homes in your neighborhood that have remodeled and you sell your home when the market goes up, then your answer is most likely a yes! You will also add to your comfort of living while enjoying this addition for many years.
Question Do I need a city building permit? I am only remodeling my kitchen and bathroom.
Answer Most likely, "YES". It is best your check with your local city or county building department. Things like painting, carpet, cabinets don't need a permit. But if changing your cabinets means removing and reinstalling the sink or adding electrical, this would require a permit. All construction work such as moving or adding walls, roofing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical work, stucco, drywall, windows and more will defiantly require a permit. Check with your local building department.
Question An Unlicensed Contractor gave me a Super Price, should I use him? He seems to know what he is doing!
Answer HELL NO!, and if you do you will most likely become one of those homeowner that goes around saying how you got taken from your contractor. The fact is that you did not have a contractor and a contractor did not take you to the cleaners... it was a con artist. We are all smarter than this, but when it comes to money, good people can make bad decisions. Can I give you a FREE BOOKLET on HOW TO HIRE A CONTRACT? --just click on that link. Got a contractor in mind? would you like to do a BACKGROUND CHECK on them?

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