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10 Things You Should Know

10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Contractor

10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Contractor

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10 Things To Know Before Hiring A Contractor

You always hear the nightmare stories of contractors taking advantage of the consumer, but you almost never hear the true story. Most home owners almost never do a background check on the contractor that they are going to hire because the price was a great deal! Furthermore, most consumers don’t know what a good contract is and end up signing incomplete contracts that are missing a lot of information whether intentional or not. So when this extra work arises, the contractor will charge you for it and the fight begins…

Do Your Homework Before Signing A Contract

1. Always hire “licensed Contractors”.

2. Don’t sign a contract on the spot.

3. Ask for a State Contractors License Number.

4. Ask to see a Drivers license and log the number.

5. Never pay Cash for a down payment.

6. Don’t allow commencement of work without a signed contract by both parties.

7. Always do a background check on your Contractor.

8. Review your contract thoroughly.

9. Execute Lien releases throughout the project.

10. If a deal sounds to good to be true, than it probably is.

For a comprehensive explanation on the above rules along with a short FREE BOOKLET on How to hire a Contractor, Click on the link. This free booklet should be read and understood before moving forward. This is to be considered as a study guide and is not a guarantee of your final results. Use your diligence in doing a full background check and get help by an attorney if you don’t understand your contract before hiring a contractor.

Home Additions & Remodeling

As a design-build general contractor, Orange County Construction will handle your complete home design, structural engineering, all plans and the construction of your new home or addition from start to finish. We pull the city permits, deal with the inspector and keep your project on time and budget!

Custom Kitchens & Designs

Owning a cabinet shop allows us to better understand your ideas and create your dream kitchen. We offer both custom made cabinets and the finest modular cabinets to fit any budget. Designing kitchens for over 30 years allows us to set industry standards for building custom kitchens & cabinets.

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