10 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A Contractor

Are you making the right choice? – Let’s find out!

You always hear the nightmare stories of contractors taking advantage of the consumer, but you almost never hear the true story. Most homeowners almost never do a background check on the contractor that they are going to hire because the price was a great deal! Furthermore, most consumers don’t know what a good contract is and end up signing incomplete contracts that are missing a lot of information whether intentional or not. So when this extra work arises, the contractor will charge you for it and the fight begins…

Do Your Homework Before Signing A Contract

1. Always hire “licensed Contractors”.

2. Don’t sign a contract on the spot.

3. Ask for a State Contractors License Number.

4. Ask to see a Drivers license and log the number.

5. Never pay Cash for a down payment.

6. Don’t allow commencement of work without a signed contract by both parties.

7. Always do a background check on your Contractor.

8. Review your contract thoroughly.

9. Execute Lien releases throughout the project.

10. If a deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

For a comprehensive explanation on the above rules along with a short FREE BOOKLET on How to hire a Contractor, Click on the link. This free booklet should be read and understood before moving forward. This is to be considered as a study guide and is not a guarantee of your final results. Use your diligence in doing a full background check and get help by an attorney if you don’t understand your contract before hiring a contractor.