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An extra residence on a single-family residential lot is known as an auxiliary dwelling unit, or simply an ADU. An ADU Company can help you create a rental unit with its own kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area that’s either attached or detached from the main house. ADUs include garage conversions & room additions, or added as a unit above an existing garage. Most often, ADUs are used as rental units to generate income. They can also be utilized for long-term family members, friends, or housemates. In some cases, ADUs are used as short-term rentals, such as through Airbnb. If you’re considering adding an ADU to your property, the first step is to check with your local municipality to see what ADU regulations exist. You will also need to hire an ADU contractor Anaheim that specializes in designing and constructing ADUs.

Adding an ADU Contractor anaheim to your property can have many benefits. In this article, we will explore seven benefits of adding accessory dwelling unit to your property in Anaheim.

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7 Benefits of Auxiliary Dwelling Unit

Generate Passive Income

Adding a second unit to your house may present a chance to begin generating a passive income. You can rent out ADUs as separate living quarters for tenants and make extra money from the time they spend there because they often have their own entrance, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Renters can get a place that feels like home without having to sign a long-term lease if monthly or short-term rental payments are more convenient for both parties. You can create new sources of income in addition what’s already offered by a traditional rental. ADUs can serve as rental units to generate income or for long-term family members, friends, or housemates.

A Guest House

If you have guests who come to visit often, an ADU can be a great option for them. It can provide them with their own private space where they can sleep, relax, and have some privacy. And, if you decide to rent out your space when you’re not using it, you can generate income from it as well. An ADU can provide a comfortable and private place for visiting family and friends without putting them up in a hotel. If you have aging parents or relatives that live far away, an ADU can be a great option for them to stay when they come to visit. ADUs also provide privacy for your guests while still allowing them to be close by if you need to help with anything or just want to spend some time together.

Create Extra Storage Space

If you’re running out of storage space in your home, an ADU Contractor anaheim can be the perfect solution. ADUs can be used to store seasonal items, holiday decorations, and other belongings that you don’t need on a daily basis but still want to keep in your possession. This is especially helpful if you live in a smaller home or apartment where space is limited.

Increase Your Privacy

If you’re looking for more privacy, an ADU can provide it. With an ADU, you can have your own private space to retreat to when you need some time alone. This is especially beneficial if you live in a smaller home or apartment where there’s not much space to get away from others.

An ADU can also be used as a vacation home. If you live in a city, an ADU can provide a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle. You can use it as a place to relax on weekends or take extended vacations. And, if you decide to rent it out when you’re not using it, you can generate income from it as well. You can work with ADU Contractor anaheim for garage conversions & room additions for your home expansion.

Office or Workout Space

If you work from home, a reputable ADU company can help you in setting up your office. This way, you can have a dedicated space for working that’s separate from the rest of your home. This can help you stay focused and be more productive. An ADU can also be used as a workout space or home gym if you don’t have the room for one in your main living area.

Low-Cost Housing for Senior Family Members

If you have senior family members who need housing but can’t afford to live on their own, an ADU can be a great solution. It can provide them with a safe and comfortable place to live while still allowing them to maintain their independence. And, if you’re able to care for them, it can also help reduce the cost of their care.

House On-Site Caregivers

If you have family members who are senior in age and need in-house medical treatments and care, an ADU can help. This type of housing can provide a place for on-site caregivers to live and work. This can be a more affordable option than hiring an outside caregiver or paying for a nursing home.

Affordable Housing for College Students

If you have college-aged children, an ADU can provide them with a place to live that’s more affordable than a dorm or apartment. This can be especially helpful if they’re attending school in a city where the cost of living is high. And, if they decide to rent out their space when they’re not using it, they can generate income from it as well.

Property Value Addition

An ADU Contractor anaheim can increase your property value, which is especially true if you live in a desirable location or your ADU is well-designed and constructed. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the future, an ADU can make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Land Conservation

An ADU can help to conserve land because it’s built on an existing lot. This is beneficial if you live in an area where there’s not much land available. And, if you’re concerned about the environment, an ADU can be a more eco-friendly and affordable option to get more space in your house without buying a new one.

These are just a few of the benefits of adding an ADU to your property. If you’re considering adding one, be sure to check with your trusted local ADU Company to see what regulations exist and hire an ADU contractor that specializes in designing and constructing ADUs.

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We offer our affordable ADU services in Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Palma, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Midway City, Newport Beach, Orange, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Sunset Beach, Surfside, Tustin, Westminster, Yorba Linda, and Rossmoor, CA. along with some surrounding areas.

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FAQ ADU & Garage Conversion Anaheim

Does Anaheim allow ADUS?
ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit” and the JADU is a “Junior ADU” in Anaheim. The name ADU is the official name the State of California gave when they mandated that Anaheim must allow them to be built. It’s also another name for “grandma unit” or “guest house” and more.

-click here for all ADU rules

What is a Garage Conversion?
In the city of Anaheim there are many houses that don’t have a large back yard, so the state mandates that Anaheim and all cities allow garage conversion (JADU or Junior ADU) to be built. Anaheim can’t make you add more parking due to this. Build a small home in your garage legally.

-click here for all ADU rules

What make an ADU legaly in Anaheim?

Every ADU built in Anaheim needs to have a minimum of a small kitchen with a fridge, range (or cook-top), cabinets for storage, sink and a certain amount of countertop space for food preparations. Anaheim also requires a hood and fan with ducting to the outside for the kitchen. Then you also need a full bathroom (tub or shower or both) and a sleeping area of no less than 7′ x 7′.

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How much does an ADU cost in Anaheim?

There is not magical short answer due to the fact that an ADU in Anaheim requires it to function as a small home requiring all the utilities, living spaces and more. Some ADUS pull all their power, water and sewer from the main home when others are a full stand-alone unit with their own utility bills. This will change the pricing dramatically.

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Does my ADU need to be detached in Anaheim?

In Anaheim you can do either, attached or detached. If it’s attached to your home, you have to have a separate entrance for the ADU and no access from the house into the ADU. You can also convert your garage to an ADU.

-click here for all ADU rules

What is a JADU?

Basically in Anaheim, a JADU is the same as an ADU but it’s limited to 500 square feet or less. Most of the time they are built in small backyards or as a garage conversion, or converting existing rooms in your house.

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