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Innovations in interior designing and architecture have led to development of Accessory Dwelling Units, abbreviated as ADU which allows a number of benefits. These are perfect for those in Garden Grove who need to give an oomph to their living or work space while also increasing its property value. ADU Contractors are often entrusted to recognize the particular need for ADU and then, according to the space, resources, and budget available, install these units. Over 50% of the houses in Garden Grove, California is owner-occupied with each household having near to 4 members. While there are about 47,000 households located in Garden Grove, there are only a handful of contractors that can recognize the growing need for increasing space within residential areas.

If you are unaware of the various applications of ADU and the consequent roles of ADU Garden Grove companies and contractors, and are confused about how you can upgrade your existing property, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Personal Room Additions

One might contact an ADU contractor upon feeling the need for more live-in space, such as personal rooms, due to lack of enough rooms for the members of the household. Depending on the space available, the ADU Garden Grove contractor may include attached bathrooms, kitchenette, etc. This works well for elderly people who, instead of being moved to old homes and assistive living facilities, could take lodging next to their children’s primary housing. This also serves as a good solution for families where children want privacy or feel hesitant to move out, and can therefore have their own live-in unit that is separated and attached to the primary building at the same time.

2. Garage Conversions

ADU contractors can convert spaces or rooms into proper garages that are protected and sheltered in order to secure automobiles within houses. In case the location is a bit farther, or detached, from the primary building, it could be secured through enclosure units, gates, etc. so that there is no fear of automobiles being stolen, damaged, or vandalised.

3. Store Room Additions

Big families often end up utilizing more space for live-in purposes, leaving little room for storage. New items are bought and the old ones need to be either given away or stored for future usage or needs. Decluttering space is important in order to give the house a neat appeal, which is why ADU contractors are encouraged to advise families on how they can create store rooms or backyard sheds that can serve the purpose for storage later, if not sooner.

4. Recreational Additions

ADU contractors today are hired for creating recreational spaces that are fully furnished according to the purpose they serve. Resultantly, many approach ADU contractors for building pool units, art studios, music rooms, recording rooms (for bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, etc.), yoga space, house gym, mini bar, library, reading room, barbeque grill station, gaming unit, etc. Moreover, working people may also want the ADU contractor to convert the space into a workstation of sorts, which is separated from the primary building. This gives a sense of privacy to individuals who struggle to find headspace and mental relaxation due to greater number of members in the house. ADU contractors adjust recreational additions according to the budget finalised by the clients.

5. Guest Rooms

Often, houses do not come with sufficient rooms that could later be converted into guest rooms as members may occupy those for personal, everyday use. To avoid such an inconvenience, ADU Garden Grove contractors successfully build guest rooms that are commonly attached to the primary building. These rooms need not be spacious as their primary purpose is to give the guest a comfortable place to rest and sleep in.

6. Rental Unit

Sometimes, owners may contact ADU contractors in order to build rental units, often detached from the primary building. Depending on the space available, the ADU contractors may add a bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc., which ultimately adds to the rent charges. Rental units can boost the house’s property value by manifolds hence houseowners may benefit from the renting trends in order to accommodate renters in the best, lucratively advantageous way possible. Rental units may even be kept small, having more of a “capsule” dimensions, to provide space to international students or single persons.

7. Pet Accommodation

Households anywhere in the United States seldom don’t have a pet that is as much part of the family as any other member! ADU Garden Grove contractors can successfully build pet accommodations and rooms that can give the pets the living experience they deserve. Some families may also rear chickens or other domestic animals whose products are often consumed. Depending on the improvisation the space allows, the ADU contractors can build safe, animal-friendly rooms for the animals to comfortably live in.

8. Nanny and Staff Rooms

Working parents who struggle at taking time out to take care of their children or to look after household chores, often need a full-time nanny or staff. However, this comes with the lack of privacy if the nanny or staff is given the same space to live in. Here again, ADU contractors have the perfect solution to create an additional space for the nanny or the staff member who can use the space as personal room.

Advantages of ADU Contractors

In the light of the applications of ADU, some benefits of having ADU contractors are overviewed below:

  • Create additional rooms and spaces for recreational, work, and lodging purposes
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Gain rent payments through rent lodgings
  • Have personal space from guests, nannies, or staff members
  • Declutter your living space through storage spaces
  • Make room for more interior designing wonders
  • Create pet-friendly homes and animal-care units
  • Allow multi-generational or joint family living to save money

ADU Contractors in Garden Grove are available to help all those families seeking expert advice on making their residential spaces more comfortable and appropriate with respect to their needs. Just make sure you pick the right one who cannot just make additions to your home but also ensure that your imagined change is budget-friendly.

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We offer our affordable ADU services in Anaheim, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Irvine, La Palma, Lake Forest, Los Alamitos, Midway City, Newport Beach, Orange, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Stanton, Sunset Beach, Surfside, Tustin, Westminster, Yorba Linda, and Rossmoor, CA. along with some surrounding areas.

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FAQ ADU & Garage Conversion Garden Grove

Does Garden Grove allow ADUS?
ADU stands for “Accessory Dwelling Unit” and the JADU is a “Junior ADU” in Garden Grove. The name ADU is the official name the State of California gave when they mandated that Garden Grove must allow them to be built. It’s also another name for “grandma unit” or “guest house” and more.

-click here for all ADU rules

What is a Garage Conversion?
In the city of Garden Grove there are many houses that don’t have a large back yard, so the state mandates that Garden Grove and all cities allow garage conversion (JADU or Junior ADU) to be built. Garden Grove can’t make you add more parking due to this. Build a small home in your garage legally.

-click here for all ADU rules

What make an ADU legaly in Garden Grove?

Every ADU built in Garden Grove needs to have a minimum of a small kitchen with a fridge, range (or cook-top), cabinets for storage, sink and a certain amount of countertop space for food preparations. Garden Grove also requires a hood and fan with ducting to the outside for the kitchen. Then you also need a full bathroom (tub or shower or both) and a sleeping area of no less than 7′ x 7′.

-click here for all ADU rules

How much does an ADU cost in Garden Grove?

There is not magical short answer due to the fact that an ADU in Garden Grove requires it to function as a small home requiring all the utilities, living spaces and more. Some ADUS pull all their power, water and sewer from the main home when others are a full stand-alone unit with their own utility bills. This will change the pricing dramatically.

-click here for all ADU rules

Does my ADU need to be detached in Garden Grove?

In Garden Grove you can do either, attached or detached. If it’s attached to your home, you have to have a separate entrance for the ADU and no access from the house into the ADU. You can also convert your garage to an ADU.

-click here for all ADU rules

What is a JADU?

Basically in Garden Grove, a JADU is the same as an ADU but it’s limited to 500 square feet or less. Most of the time they are built in small backyards or as a garage conversion, or converting existing rooms in your house.

-click here for all ADU rules

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