What is a Design-Build Contractor & Why do I need one?

If you could fully understand what a design/build contractor is, you might never hire another contractor again that is not a design build contractor. There are two ways to start your project (Design-Build) or (Design-Bid) Here is the short answer that will make sense to you:

DESIGN-BUILD — A design build contractor will offer you a price in writing “Before” you invest into plans and this price will include both the design and the build. Only a seasoned contractor can do this. Most contractors want a set of plans before bidding a large job, but not a good design build contractor.

DESIGN-BID — This is when you go out and pay a home designer or architect for a full set of plans and then put it out for bid. This is a great way to get into a lot of trouble. Let me explain… Many times a homeowner will trust an architect in telling the their budget (say $100,000.00) and the architect will say “No problem, you can build this addition for that, no problem!” When in fact they have no idea how much it will cost. Then when you go for bids they come back at $150,000.00 and you either have to scrap the project or pay the architect for a whole new set of plans!

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