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Orange County Construction has been a Room Additions Contractors in Huntington Beach CA since 1985 has made us an industry leader for quality room additions and major home remodeling. If you are considering finding a Huntington Beach CA contractor for your home addition, give us a call. You will work directly with the owner of Orange County Construction for your home improvement project in Huntington Beach CA. We have hundreds of beautiful homes that we have built or remodeled and many satisfied clients that will offer you a testimonial. Please click on the Contact Us button for your free estimate.

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Home remodeling is a trade and required a good Huntington Beach general contractor to make sure the room addition or home improvement project is done correctly. Even though you may have a city permit, the inspectors don’t check for quality. Give us a call today and we will get you a free proposal for your addition or remodel.


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We have a custom cabinet shop in Huntington Beach and offer a full kitchen remodeling service. From custom hand built cabinets to very nice pre-fab modular cabinets and granite counter tops, we have it all. Give us a call for your free kitchen remodeling estimate. We also remodel bathrooms.

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Hunting Beach room addition contractor

It is normally quite normal to find that the house you built suddenly does not have enough space for all your stuff. This is what makes it necessary to have a room addition to the structure. However, there are a number of things that you need to consider first before you decide that you need the addition after all. Also, you will need to make an informed decision about the best contractor to involve in the job.

First, the cost implication of this room needs to be weighed thoroughly. You need to look for a contractor who will do it in the most cost effective way. Thus, it is advisable to look for several cost estimates from a number of technicians before you decide on one. Be sure to let them know all the features that you would wish to have in the room; plumbing, electricity, cooling and so forth. This will give you the chance to evaluate all the cost implications that the Huntington Beach Room Addition Contractor will put on you.

Looking at the situation from a long term perspective is also worthy.  Do not merely have room to provide space which does not add to the value of the house. If you need the addition, you need to make it a valuable investment so that should you be confronted by the need to sell the house years to come, the cost of the house will be given a boost by whatever space you added to it. You also should consider the fact that you may need to change the use that you put the room to after some time. Therefore it should be made with all the necessary provisions for such and it is your responsibility to communicate this to the contractor.

 Also, you ought to be certain that when you choose to spend the cash, it really is because you need the extra space. The contractor will be in a position to give you just the kind of room addition that you ask for. Since you will have to use a significant amount of money with a comprehensive home addition, be sure to explore other space alternatives that could come at a lesser cost. Thus, if a sunroom, for example can work just fine, you could be better off with this as it will save you some money.

Be sure to talk to the contractor you finally choose about the best, cost effective home addition option to explore. You might be amazed by the creativity with which he will approach the problem and the solutions that you can get from it. However, the responsibility lies greatly on you to determine what you think is best for you even in the long run.

As you have probably learnt, there are lots of contractors that you can get to do this task for you. You will have to do your homework right about the differences in cost that they offer. However, this should not cloud your vision in choosing the most competent person for the task. Those whose works you can ascertain as being standard are better bets compared to people you have no prior experience with.


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