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Orange County Construction has been a Room Additions Contractors in Newport Beach CA since 1985 has made us an industry leader for quality room additions and major home remodeling. If you are considering finding a Newport Beach CA contractor for your home addition, give us a call. You will work directly with the owner of Orange County Construction for your home improvement project in Newport Beach CA. We have hundreds of beautiful homes that we have built or remodeled and many satisfied clients that will offer you a testimonial. Please click on the Contact Us button for your free estimate.

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Home remodeling is a trade and required a good Newport Beach general contractor to make sure the room addition or home improvement project is done correctly. Even though you may have a city permit, the inspectors don’t check for quality. Give us a call today and we will get you a free proposal for your addition or remodel.


Orange County Construction

Most Newport Beach room addition projects on your home will require some interior remodeling and other home improvements. We can help you to understand this and what it will take for your remodeling project to pass the city and get permits. We might have to add some structural work. Most second story additions require this. We offer a free estimate.

Newport Beach Room Additions & Home Remodeling

Whether a family is out of space and is planning an addition, or is simply desiring to remodel, the benefits, as well as the projects often overlap. Both have everything to do with the family’s quality of life. A life devoid of adequate space is difficult, and a worn-out, dated, or awkwardly arranged living space is a source of irritation.
Home Remodeling and especially, in addition, add clear value to a home and when paid for, substantially increase the homeowner’s equity. Just how much value is added often depends upon the type of addition that is made?
There are also indirect purposes. For example, a locked garage with a car parked inside may lower homeowner’s insurance as well as the car insurance. When adding an amazing garage door to the mix, the value has the potential to be unparalleled
On a practical level, a kitchen extension opens up possibilities. The extension itself should have one of the two purposes. Newport Beach room addition contractor will plan your kitchen space should be used solely for storage.
The kitchen is the big money maker with a room addition contractor. It is also the place that earns the most camaraderie and communication.
Ever notice how parties seem centered around the kitchen? Large homes benefit massively from a kitchen extension, and large families will value this feature high when considering a purchase.
This means that home addition contractors are going to have to fortify the existing foundation with piers that run vertically and horizontally in and under the foundation.
The other option is to hire a Remodeling Contractor and allow the room addition contractor to handle the design of your new space. Some remodeling companies offer design services in-house. This keeps the design as well as the construction of your home addition in-house, which can often correlate to a more streamlined construction project.
A Newport Beach Remodeling Contractor will run through all the various options for a homeowner in a series of methodical and intelligent discussions.

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So you are planning to increase the existing accommodation capacity of your structure, with the help of best room additions options. There can be different reasons which can force you to go for possible expansion. Some reasons might contribute towards the growing capacity and the other reasons will contribute towards the increasing demands of your immediate family. There are many people who love to socialize and they will also require additional space to manage all of their friends for different gathering and events. Here we are going to discuss different opportunities of home additions and how the developers, designers and your architect can help you in this regard.

First of all, you need to consult with all of your family members and explore the different opportunists, which you can make possible with the help of your new additional space. It is all about managing your plan and then implementing it in the best possible manner. You can always make a little alteration, with the passage of time and implement them in your major plan. You will need a professional contractor to help you out through this venture.

Home additions opportunity is great if you are looking forward to making a room for your kids, where they can sit, play, eat or spend time with their friends. This space will also offer privacy and save the rest of the house giving a messy look. You need to pay attention to the interior of this room as it needs to please the children and in the same manner you can install fittings and other furniture which your children will love.

If you need more dining space then you can specify the new area for the visitors and dining purposes only, you will need to find a good dining table and nice clothes for it, which will look apt and serve well for the purpose. Most of the dining tables have dining chairs also which are designed in the same pattern and look beautiful. If you have some additional space left you can use it for decoration according to the existing interior of your house. It is indeed one of the best room additions options, which you can choose for your existing structure.

Another popular home additions option, include the addition of a private study area or a small library. You can use this area for studying different books in a tranquil environment, while you sip on a cup of coffee. The experience itself is great and can help you in managing different tasks easily.

You can build a room especially for entertainment purposes but you will need to make sure that you do not disturb the neighboring houses. To cover this problem you might need to insulate your new room by installing some soundproof material. You can play music arrange parties and then decorate the room according to your requirements. Your contractor can help you further in this regard and make a lot of things easier for you to manage and handle, while you work hard on making the interior conditions perfect.

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